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The JA server is online for the weekend to test whether or not them hackers are still after me. If they are, I'll finish getting a Linux based server up and running.

Currently, I am running a Jedi Academy server for Parabolic Mind. This poor computer has now been through two motherboard repairs and a hard drive failure... Thanks to Phasmatis Apparatus for showing me how to tear the thing down without destroying it.

Anyways, it currently runs JA+. This may change soon, probably to Lugormod or OJP. I haven't had the time to look up how to use them yet.

Phasmatis also rigged up a nifty little 'auto-restart' tool that will restart the server and set it back to the same map every time it crashes. That way, if it crashes and you reconnect, it won't be on a map you don't have.

Nuff said there. Currently, the server supports the list of mods to the right.

JA+ 2.3

Bloodletter Arena
Earthwood Arena
Taspir Power Complex
Taspir Power Complex, Version 2 (beta)
Taspir Power Complex, Version 3
mp/ffa5 (Taspir Landing, comes standard with the game)

Yami's Bot
General Grievous
Episode III Count Dooku
George Lucas
Episode II Anakin

Also, the server's map rotation is set up to be on certain maps on certain days of the week, thanks to Gamall's server commander. Every night at 3:30 AM eastern time, it changes to the next map. Here is the list.

Lasertag Arena CTF
Lasertag Arena FFA
Lasertag Arena TFFA
Lasertag Arena CTF
Lasertag Arena FFA
Lasertag Arena TFFA
Lasertag Arena FFA